The Master Package

The Master's Class of Kitchen Equipment Packages

The Master Package. This is for the restaurateur who turned a small idea into a large, enterprising chain of restaurants. You've mastered the food industry, and you're looking for a restaurant kitchen package that can keep things that way. Look no further.

What you get

What you are purchasing is more than "kitchen equipment." You are going to receive over 50 years of honing in stainless steel manufacturing expertise and craftsmanship with every Lambertson product.

  • American-made
  • Stainless steel manufacturer
  • Factory-direct delivery
  • Made for the lifetime of your kitchen

Consistent Quality Delivered

We've created this package for the seasoned restaurateur. You understand the importance of a well-functioning kitchen that runs effortlessly, and the need to have equipment that can keep up. Quality delivered, every time.

The Master Package


Package choice options are as follows:

  • Category A: 2 Items
  • Category B: 2 Items
  • Category C: 3 Items
  • Category D: 2 Items
  • Category E: 2 Items

SAVINGS $1,728
Category A | 2 Items
Description Product # Spec Sheet Single Item Price
Hand Sink HS-1410-S-F DOWNLOAD $147
Wall Shelf WS-3D-1224-16 DOWNLOAD $133
Wall Shelf WS-3D-1236-16 DOWNLOAD $143
Wall Shelf WS-3D-1248-16 DOWNLOAD $153
Wall Shelf WS-3D-1260-16 DOWNLOAD $163
Wall Shelf WS-3D-1272-16 DOWNLOAD $172

NOTE: For Category A, x3 wall shelves are considered one item.

Category B | 2 Items
Description Product # Spec Sheet Single Item Price
1 Compartment Sink QL-1-1620 DOWNLOAD $897
1 Compartment Sink QL-1-1620-L18-F DOWNLOAD $897
1 Compartment Sink QL-1-1620-R18-F DOWNLOAD $897
1 Compartment Sink QL-1-24 DOWNLOAD $870
1 Compartment Sink QL-1-24-L18-F DOWNLOAD $870
1 Compartment Sink QL-1-24-R18-F DOWNLOAD $870
1 Compartment Sink QL-1-24-L24-F DOWNLOAD $870
1 Compartment Sink QL-1-24-R24-F DOWNLOAD $870
Clean Dish Table DTC-S-3036-LR DOWNLOAD $743
Clean Dish Table DTC-S-3036-RL DOWNLOAD $743
Clean Dish Table DTC-S-3048-LR DOWNLOAD $777
Clean Dish Table DTC-S-3048-RL DOWNLOAD $777
Clean Dish Table DTC-S-3060-LR DOWNLOAD $812
Clean Dish Table DTC-S-3060-RL DOWNLOAD $812
Clean Dish Table DTC-S-3072-LR DOWNLOAD $846
Clean Dish Table DTC-S-3072-RL DOWNLOAD $846
Soiled Dish Table DTS-S-3036-LR DOWNLOAD $1,046
Soiled Dish Table DTS-S-3048-LR DOWNLOAD $1,080
Soiled Dish Table DTS-S-3060-LR DOWNLOAD $1,114
Soiled Dish Table DTS-S-3072-LR DOWNLOAD $1,149
Mop Sink MS-1620-12-16 $1,032

NOTE: For Category B, one clean dish table & one soiled dish table is considered one item.

Category C | 3 Items
Description Product # Price
Work Table WTSQ-BSU-3048 $753
Work Table WTSQ-BSU-3060 $828
Work Table WTSQ-BSU-3072 $911
Category D | 2 Items
Description Product # Spec Sheet Item Price
Prep Table WTSQ-PT-3072 $1,833
2 Compartment Sink QL-2-1620-218-F DOWNLOAD $1,562
3 Compartment Sink QL-3-1620-218-F DOWNLOAD $2,115
3 Compartment Sink QL-3-24-224-F DOWNLOAD $2,012
Category E | 2 Items
Description Product # Price
Cabinet CAB-BS-3048 $1,666
Cabinet CAB-BS-3060 $1,726
Cabinet CAB-BS-3072 $1,786


Add Hand Sink & Wall Shelf ($115)
Add Additional Item from Category D ($1,695)*

Add Comp or Mop Sink ($795)
Add Additional Cabinet ($1,595)*

Add Work Table ($695)

Made in the USA
NSF Certified
UL Plumbing Certification
NFPCA Code 96 Certification

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